Perform the one-to-one dialogue by intelligently linking relevant parameters.


Whether a customer accesses your website, browses the app or performs a transaction: Data is created with every digital interaction. Caymland M4 generates GDPR-compliant data with every interaction. Anonymous data is characterized in real time by business logic and enriched to Smart Data.


With manual and automated analysis functions, data is permanently processed and fed directly into automated processes. The integrated semantic engine identifies needs based on the agreed target context and ranks contacts according to defined criteria.


With Caymland M4 content meets context, communication becomes meaningful and personalized campaigns create real dialog. Caymland M4 is designed for integrated control and automation that orchestrates all communication channels and integrates of the entire system landscape.

What is Caymland M4?

Automatically serve all customers and prospects with relevant information at the right time and in the right context via the preferred channels.
Caymland M4 is the essential tool for any marketing-driven company and is the basis for digital and individual communication.
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  • Tracking Engine
  • Profiling Engine
  • Asset Engine
  • Communication Engine
  • Campaign Engine
  • Workflow Engine
  • Reporting Engine
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User friendly interface



Full-featured CRM for real customer relationships.

Identify interests

Identification of needs based on semantic and subject-specific logics.


Smart and easy automation across all business processes.


Selection of all values and use of the segments in all processes.


Serve digital and analog channels such as email, SMS, push, print, etc.

Customer acquisition

Get more customers with relevant content and intelligent processes.


Delivery of personalized content across all channels.

Customer Journey

Automation of the customer journey and ranking of contacts.


Graphical overview of all key figures, also from third-party systems.


Management and process-oriented control of files.


Dates, opportunities and tasks with reminder function.


Easy creation and integration of multi-level forms.


API-first developed system with latest interface technology.

Email Editor

Drag & drop editor for easy creation of sophisticated emails.

Image Database

Integrated image database for easy and fast access to image files.

Lead Scoring

Intelligent classification via automated scoring.

Data protection

Caymland M4 was developed taking into account the GDPR. Caymland M4 ensures that interaction data is fully available and personal data is stored for specific purposes. Before appropriate processes are initiated, Caymland M4 ensures that consent for the storage, processing and re-use of personal data is always available.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Caymland M4 GDPR compliant?
Yes, Caymland M4 has even been developed with GPDR in mind.
Can I use Caymland M4 as a stand-alone CRM?
Yes, Caymland M4 offers all the features expected of a CRM system. Both single contacts and companies can be managed, which in turn can have a link to each other. Functions such as task lists, reminder functions, opportunity management, notes as well as the evaluation of all data are part of the system.
Can I activate and deactivate modules?
In Caymland M4, roles and rights can be defined, allowing certain modules, components, contacts, or content to be shared only with specific users. In Caymland M4, however, all modules are basically available and no licensing for modules is necessary, because only as a whole can the system guarantee a "Closed Loop Campaign Process".
Does Caymland M4 also have ERP functionalities?
No, Caymland M4 is a CRM system and includes all functions to enable the maintenance of customer relations. Financial processes are not part of it.
Is Caymland M4 industry dependent?
No, Caymland M4 has no dependence on industries. Wherever you want to generate new customers who want to maintain customer relationships and fully exploit the technical possibilities of digitization, Caymland M4 makes sense.

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